Community Connections: Paths & Traditions Fair


Last Saturday I attended a great event and I’ve been dying to rave about it!

 It was the Second Annual Paths and Traditions Fair at the Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden. 

Put together by Cró Dreoilín, a local Celtic reconstructionist group, and hosted by the CUUPs group of the Jefferson Unitarian Church, it was a great way for people to visit with a broad section of traditions and practices. 

The church has a light, naturalist feel with ample parking and plenty of rooms for setting up tables or holding small group discussions. 

There were two main rooms for tables, two small classrooms for short presentations. 

Each group had a table with books, flyers, literature, and, cleverly enough, each had a chair or two parked in front where participants could comfortably sit down and talk to the practicioners of the path. 

I met quite a few interested people from Denver, and a surprising number of seekers from Colorado Springs. 

I had as much fun meeting seekers, browsers, travellers and future friends, as I did finally meeting and talking to my fellow presenters, members of groups whose names I have seen, but who I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting. 

The atmosphere was friendly and fast paced and the day (from 10 am to 4 pm) flew past. 

Bright blessings!

© Paulie Rainbow 2013