My novel, The Goddess of Denver, covers many topics but the heart of it is the community. 

We are so blessed to live in a time when our community is as broad and open as it has ever been. Community has shaped me, changed me, challenged me, supported me and allowed me to feel a part of the great web of life. I wanted to sketch out a few ways that I am engaged in community this year. 

On the 10th of January I had the opportunity to sit at a table at the 3rd Annual Paths and Traditions fair to represent my own group and to meet dozens of members of our community. It is a great gift that Kelly and Chris of Cró Dreoilín have given to the community in creating this and hosting it for three years now. 

The Celtic tradition, so dear to my main character Kathleen, was well represented with many Celtic groups reaching out to the curious and to those who are new. It was so cool to talk to the leaders of other groups on the Celtic path and hear their perspective on what we do. There is so much knowledge out there and so many passionate people willing to share what they know and have experienced. 

I was blown away at the number of people that stopped by our table for a moment to talk, ask questions or just grab some flyers. It’s hard to express what we do and what we stand for in a fast-paced crowd, a little like spiritual speed dating, but exhilarating at the same time. I want for each and every seeker to connect with the right people and information for them. I also want to speak clearly and directly about what my group does and doesn’t do. I was happy and exhausted at the end of the day.

I’ve already signed up for Beltania 2015 and I’m ready to again present my workshop “Introduction to the Celtic Path for Women” there. Someone with a fierce interest in the Welsh side of things has come into my life and we will pair up for the workshop. It has been a pleasure to rework the presentation with her. I’m looking forward to sharing the additional knowledge that I’ve gained over the past two years out of my own studies and my journeys to Ireland for study. 

The evolution of the workshop material is a direct result of community, of opening up to learning from others and listening to them, including new information and new methods in the approach. 

Hearthstone Community Church figures prominently on my calendar. They offer the opportunity for seekers or solitaries to stand in ritual with many different groups over the course of the year. Many years ago, as a participant, Hearthstone gave me a chance to be a part of real Pagan ritual in a safe and open setting. Now, as a presenter, Hearthstone gives me the opportunity to share the path that gives me so much joy and peace with my greater community. 

Isis Books and Gifts continues to sell the heck out of my novel and my Colorado Celtic Planner 2015! I understand that they use The Goddess of Denver in one of their classes. If it wasn’t for these local businesses we would have a much harder time meeting each other and learning so much! 

I ran into John of Herbs and Arts in the grocery store. They have carried The Goddess of Denver from the first month of publication and they also took The Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner for 2015. He gave me some valuable advice about publicizing actvities over the year as he has been working hard to build his business and their online presence. Like so many metaphysical store owners, John and Kaewyn are an active part of our community. They took the store over from MorningGlory in 2001 and have continued her legacy of community and excellence. It’s such a pleasure for me to have these longstanding connections. 

Finally, I need to mention our upcoming event: Brigit’s Basket Food Drive at SpiritWays during their Imbolc Psychic Fair on 7 February 2015! Spiritways has been a huge supporter of me as an author and of so many local authors and artists. I’ve held hours of workshops at SpiritWays and had the pleasure of holding my book release party within those sacred walls! 

At the Imbolc Psychic Fair my little group will be gathering canned goods so that our immediate community, the Pagan community, has a chance to give to our wider community through Food Bank of the Rockies. It is this spirit of giving that connects us all to the wider web and to our basic human needs. 

Community manifests itself in so many ways and I’m so moved to be a part of it. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog!

© Paulie Rainbow 2013