Hearthstone Column May 2016
To Gather

[Author’s note: this was originally published in the Hearthstone Community Church newsletter, 05/2016]

I founded the Denver Celtic Women’s Circle (DCWC) ten years ago and have had the privilege to stand around the sacred fire with many different women. Some for many moons at a stretch, some for just one or two. 

Along the way I have searched, practiced, and learned, and showed up moon after moon. It was a gathering of experience. 

Three years ago I finally made it to Ireland for the first time and joined up with Ireland’s Druid School (the Celtic Druid Temple) as a student. I have been back twice more, studying the language, standing among the stones, hiking marshy paths in search of ancient wells, standing in the sea-wind swept darkness of the lumpy shadows of a prehistoric ruin - calling to the Goddess named on the Ogham stone there. It continues to be an important part of my personal journey. 

I have watched so many in our community labor consistently and with love to foster covens, and classes and shops, full moon gatherings and festivals, and I have often wondered why I wasn’t building something like that. Then I would wonder, just what would I grow? And why? There is no sense in doing something just for the sake of it, just because others are doing it. 

It’s better, most of the time, to take part in the wonderful things that we do have in our community. And we have so much! From the amazingly long running Hearthstone Open Full Moons through DragonFest and Beltania, the Orpheus Pagan Choir, the many, many shops and classes, the drummings and celebrations…it is not hard to find some group to gather with or some activity to join in here in Denver and the surrounding area. We have spiritual abundance here. 

And sacred space. I feel the sacred nature of the land around us; backpacking and canoeing in Colorado has really opened my heart. We have excellent programs through CSU Extension and I’m working toward my Native Plants Master certification. 

I’ve had great fun offering workshops at festivals and shops around town, and sharing OFM with Hearthstone! It was a way to branch outward, to share some part of the fruits of the journey with my community. It was just enough until now.

This spring something changed and I knew it was time to do more. I reached out and made some arrangements and everything seemed to flow. 

I have the opportunity to share the Druid School Full Moon Ceremony with others here. I am so happy and heart-warmed! 

My little DCWC will continue in private practice, but I can now facilitate a Full Moon Ceremony, every month, on the night of the full moon, just as they are doing in Ireland, at the Celtic Druid Temple’s roundhouse and on the Hill of Tara. 

I don’t have something to build or to grow. I have something to share, something I find fulfilling and moving. 

I can share this here, on this sacred ground in Colorado, the opportunity to stand, not just with my private circle of women, but with whomever wants to join us around a sacred fire, out in the open while the moon rises and the sun sets. 

I have the opportunity to gather. 

If you are interested in the Full Moon Ceremony, check out our meetup group. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see you again at the Open Full Moon at Hearthstone in July 2016. I’ve been working on the ritual to share with you and have great news about the Oak tree that we blessed together last year! 

Blessed be

© Paulie Rainbow 2013