Is the Celtic Path for Women?

This coming weekend, Saturday, 11 January, 2014 from 1 to 3 pm I’ll be offering my workshop "Introduction to the Celtic Path for Women” at Quantum Alchemy in Denver.

There is so much feminine magic and power in the Celtic path, as well as a true connection to Nature and the world around us. I can whole-heartedly recommend exploring this path to any woman who is looking for strong Goddesses and heroes, or a new and magical way of connection to the earth magic all around us. 

We will quickly review the history of the Celts and Celtic lands, cover the four primary “cycles” of Irish mythology, set out journal excercises and invocations for personal use, then delve deep into the Goddess and sacred guides with whom a seeker may wish to establish a more personal connection. 

Participants will leave with a workbook dense with facts and references, and have enough information to add to their existing practice, or pick up a new one! 

As the great hero of Ulster once described Fand, the Goddess of the Sea:

For this lady is fair, pare and bright, and well skilled,
    A fit mate for a monarch, in beauty fulfilled,
And the billows of ocean can ride:
    She is lovely in countenance, lofty in race,
And with handicraft skilled can fine needlework trace,
    Hath a mind that with firmness can guide:
And in steeds hath she wealth, and much cattle

If a woman is looking for a path where the Queens have their own armies, the Goddesses ride the waves of the sea, where women Druids conjure the winds and poison their enemies, indeed, the Celtic path is for women. 

© Paulie Rainbow 2013