Mythos Pod Club: your creative discussion wanted!

Remember your favorite history or literature class? Your favorite book club? The fun you had discussing something you really loved and the great insights from your peers? How would you like to have that experience with Irish Mythology?

Take an hour and a half, every other week, for just three sessions, as we descend into winter gathered around a table with like minded others and dive deep into the topics that really warm us up! 

We start with Mythical Women - Revisiting Sinann 

Check out the podcast, even if you can’t come to the Pod Club!

But especially check it out if you can! We want your participation!

We’ll start out talking about what you can get out of these amazing podcasts, what books and websites we use for references, how you can go further on your own. We’ll take our years of searching and examining and just lay it out at your disposal!

You’ll have the chance to offer your own insights and reflections on the work that Chris and Isolde have put together so masterfully. Ask questions, pose your own theories! Listen to the voices of the other men and women on this path. 

Yes! Men and women are welcome. If you have been grappling with Irish mythology and wanted a chance to really engage with the source material we want you to join in on this journey. 

Contact us through the Goddess of Denver facebook page, or email through the contact page on this site. 

The cost of the adventure is $12.00 per session or $10.00 each for all three ($30.00 total). 

Be sure to go to Mythical Women - Revisiting Sinann its free! 

And then join us at: 

6000 E Evans Ave
Building 3 Suite 009
Denver CO 80222

On Tuesdays: 11/3/2015, 11/17/2015, 12/1/2015 
From: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

$12.00 per session or $10.00 each for all three ($30.00 total)

Any additional proceeds will go to the original producers of the material, the Story Archaeologists

See you there!

© Paulie Rainbow 2013