On the Hearthstone columns

Bealtaine approaches. My trees are leafing and budding out. The world is awakening in a new way. 

It is under the magic of this fertile productivity that I took another look at this website and decided to bring it up to date. 

Yes, I do still write fiction. No, I haven’t been publishing.

And yet, I have been writing. 

We are so lucky to have outlets for our passions. For me, Hearthstone Community Church is one. If you want to know more about them, look for my column post from August 2016! They generously allow different groups to present Open Full Moons in their space throughout the year, and they, also generously, offer space in their newsletters for “guest columnists.” 

I’ve written about a dozen columns for the newsletter since 2014 and I finally decided to reprint most of them here. 

I write because I practice, because I share my path, and because I offer both clergy services and public events. It seems only fair that I should express my experience and perspective so that people can consider that for themselves. 

Also, I write because I can get tongue-tied in person and not give fair words to the gifts my teachers have given me, not give full due to the wonders that have inspired me. 

I’m still loving this path, after so many years! I’m still learning on this path, and growing. 

I hope that, whatever path you are on, or that you choose, it offers you challenges and wonders equal to the desires of your own spirit.

Peace of the mountains to you. 

© Paulie Rainbow 2013