Rituals for a New Year

Perfect Coffee Cup

Happy New Year, one and all. Like most people, I see this arbitrary date as a perfect excuse for a new beginning. 

New beginnings make for excellent magic and a great excuse for positive thinking. One of the secrets of magical living is that you can begin at any time. There is really no need to wait for the right season, day or hour. The best time to start is when you sincerely feel a desire to begin, to start over, to enter into newness.

That being said, there are circumstances that help bolster the energy of your decision. You will be happy to learn a lot of them are at hand. There is more energy for beginnings when others are also setting the intentions of new beginnings, for example at the Solstice, or the New Moon, or during the standard calendar New Year. You’ll be happy to find out that New Year this year falls on the first new moon after the Winter Solstice! There is so much energy for new beginnings this time.

And, if specific astrological events are very important to you, take a peek in my Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner and notice how many lovely line-ups are happening on this day!

Your ritual of new beginnings can be as elaborate or as simple as you like but all rituals are best done in love and hope. There are so many ritual variations: candle magic, cooking magic, or just a warm cup of coffee and a simple verse. 

My book, The Goddess of Denver, contains many hints on basic traditions, because I wanted to show how real people in imperfect situations weave magic into their lives. Right at the beginning of the story Kathleen and Inéz set aside their coffee cups, join hands and in speaking together perform the simplest ritual possible. Here are the words that I wrote for this little ritual: 

“Light of the sun

light of the day

light in our hearts

light up the way

the welcome is warm here

the path here is true

the year will begin here

begin anew

begin anew

begin anew”

You could use this little bit of verse, as well as other bits of ritual lore from the book, to weave magic into your own life. 

Have a wonderful new year!

© Paulie Rainbow 2013