The Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner 2017


You asked for it, and the Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner 2017 is here!

This is the fifth year I’ve produced the planner and I think it’s the best yet. Following your feedback, I’ve kept almost all of the formatting from the 2016 version, but I’ve added more Irish! 

 Of course, the most asked-for feature is the astrology in local time, and you’ll find that for each month in three pages just before the first week of each month. This includes planetary retrogrades, so you can quickly find Mercury retrogrades for the year! 

The organizing theme of the calendar is the Irish tree oghams, and it has magical information on the first 13 oghams, with direct quotes from the text of the Book of Ballymote and information about the trees themselves, including Colorado native tree species of that same type, how to identify them and where to find them. 

This year there is more local native plant information, and references to online sources of information for native plant identification and planting a native plant garden. There is a list of native magical herbs and a list of Colorado gemstones with their metaphysical properties. 

Irish specific information includes the zodiac signs in the Irish language, what the Irish names are for all of the holidays and what alignments they have with Irish sacred sites. 

The New and Full Moons are clearly marked out. There is a notation at the top of the week that features them, the specific time of the event is noted on the day, and the calendar is formatted so that the opposing page is consistent: the Ogham is opposite the week of the New Moon and a meditation is opposite the week of the Full Moon. 

Since the Celtic path is so steeped in the practice of being fully present to the seasons and the world around us, each day has the times for sunrise, sunset, solar noon, moon rise and moon set. It makes it simple to plan for sunrise meditations, evening walks, or moon rituals that will begin at dusk. Orient your inner clock and set your digital alarms with ease using this timely information. 

I hope that this years Weekly Planner helps you to fully enjoy the sacred space of Colorado as you walk the wheel of the year. 

The Colorado Celtic Weekly Planner is available at Denver Metaphysical shops after 21 October 2016. 

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